Monday, November 08, 2004



Well, I guess the secret is out. I started blogging beneath the radar screen, but have been outed by none other than the Midland, Texas-based Jessica’s Well, which became one of my absolute fave websites after the boffo posting last year of John Dos Passos’ nihilistic (and silly) handwringing about bad post-war planning in WWII Germany. Welcome to the Snowblog one and all. And thanks for the photoshop monkey offer Consider it taken!

I've got to run out for lunch, but will return with more blogging later in the day.
Glad you've been "outed". Now you're so far out you're in!
I hope you don't mind if we quote you on that. We have never had a memorable quote about our blog.

Well...not one that we wanted to bring to anyone's attention anyway.
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