Monday, November 08, 2004


They're coming to take me awaaaaaaayyyy!

If you thought the Michael Moore Brigades would slip quietly into the night, forget about it: Conspiracy theorists have skittered into their bunkers, pencils at the ready, scratching out scenarios under which George W. Bush stole the election – this time, through the use of high-tech chicanery. Democracy Now issues this alert. Meanwhile, Thom Hartmann accuses Republican computer hackers of overturning the election. Keith Olberman joins the "they-stole-Ohio" chorus!

Of course!

This was the plan all along in addition to the Mind Control satellites in geosynchronous orbit above North America.

Mad Mikey
I have another theory. Ever notice how you NEVER see Yassar Arafat and Ringo Star in the same picture? I think Arafat was really Ringo or maybe the other way around. He lived a secret life as a Beatle, or as a Beatle he lived a secret life as a Palastinian terrorist thug noble peace prize winner. I under stand he was also an electronic genius who made voting machines. In conjunction with Al Gore (who invented the internet) his machines could be hacked via Al's invention. Makes as much sense as the exit poles being right and the actual vote being wrong. I have seen pictures of Ringo with Al Gore.
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