Monday, November 29, 2004


Once Around the World

Happy Holidays!

Here's a seasonal perennial. It involves Jesus, God, a public school and a lawsuit. The only twist is, this time the teacher is doing the suing, accusing the school of paganism.

An Oil for Sleaze update

In the oil-for-sleaze scandal, U-N Secretary General Kofi Annan has valiantly declared that he had no idea his son was scamming off Iraqi oil payments, despite the fact the story has been in the press for, oh, nine months. He’s now tossing young Kojo overboard. Nice. In a seemingly unrelated but possibly helpful development, researchers say they have found a foolproof way to detect deliberate lying. Bill Safire doesn't need any stinkin' test, however. He knows everything he needs to know about Annan, thanks to the brilliant and courageous Claudia Rosette (requires registration).

The U.N. needs to heed Safire's advice. Give Annan the boot. But don't stop there. Bring in Colin Powell! After all, wouldn't it be nice to have as the chief administrator of the world's foremost democratic organization a man who actually has experience working in a democratically-elected government?

A religion of -- well, you be the judge

Meanwhile, back in the war on terror, some interesting developments. Ayman al Zawahiri has issued his latest Monty Python video, while Franklin Graham has taken another poke at Islam and Islamists. Before you rush to judgment about Graham, a Saudi imam has made the preacher look downright Panglossian. But that's just the start. Did you know Iran is hiring suicide bombers?, and that churlish Muslim immigrants have managed to wear out their welcome in, are you ready? Sweden!. Who on earth can wear out his welcome in Sweden?!

The New Blue Flu, the malaise that's the craze

In the New Blue Flu category (the term refers to the listlessness and anger that seem to be striking blue-state left-wingers with savage efficiency), the Washington Post argues that racial disparities exist in college admissions because we don't have enough quotas, although the paper's pundits do acknowledge in the final peroration that a big problem is that the the public schools stink (requires registration).

Another victim of the NBF,, has fallen on bad times, being reduced to holding anger-augmentation encounter groups in hopes that the organization can Keep Rage Alive another four (or is it 40?) years. I report, you decide.

Save a Swiftie!

And finally, this. Remember Steve Gardner? He was one of the band of brothers who decided to share his recollections of John Kerry’s service. Now, in a show of compassionate liberalism, the guy has paid for his candor by losing his job. The Chicago Sun Times has the story, while Powerline is helping collect donations in a show of compassionate conservatism.

The link at this post to the Chicago Sun Times story actually goes to an article on the brain wave differences between liars and those telling the truth on Reuters. I think the link is appropos, though. Wonder how the Swiftees would look compared to the Kerry Apologists with this technology? Good blogging.
Quotas: They are like placing a bandage over an infected wound, using nothing to treat the real malady. Liberals pull up the bandage every so often, and act surprised students continue to struggle. Where is the affirmative action "exit strategy"? Meanwhile the "infection" spreads as public schools and universities lower their standards.

I'd love to see attention given to, (1) The dropout rate of students pushed into college via quotas (and what happens to them), and (2) a great tool to get these students up to speed: The Community College. They are usually filled with dedicated instructors, they are inexpensive, and they offer courses from basic math and English to vector calculus. There, anyone can earn the merit to be placed in a good university no matter how underprivileged (and MANY are)....of course, this is work. (Sorry for the long comment...nice blog!)
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